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[Announcement] Chat Rules - Updated

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[Announcement] Chat Rules - Updated Empty [Announcement] Chat Rules - Updated

Post by Hagane Miku on Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:39 pm


Spam(Minor): Can be classified as an excessive use of caps, continuously posting links that do not pertain to the subject at hand, random nonsense, or sending a message that is difficult to read.

Spam (Moderate): Can be classified as frequently sending messages in all caps, posting the same link repeatedly, constantly using abstract or difficult to read fonts to send a message, frequently sending one letter/word messages.

Spam(Major): Can be classified as flooding the chat with a message, link or an obscenely large paragraph; continuously posting a negative message in chat without reason.

Harassment (Minor):  Can be classified as intentionally putting down/insulting a member  with docile language;  using foul language towards one or more members; messaging a member who doesn't want to talk with you; making users uncomfortable.

Harassment (Moderate): Can be classified as using racial, sexual, or gender slurs. Constant profanity towards another member(s);  threatening another member.

Harassment (Major): Can be classified as abuse towards one or more members; more severe threats, or several slurs.

Non-compliance: Disobeying/disregarding an order from a Staff Member.

Inappropriate material: Can be classified as anything that can be taken offensively, or discriminates someone.  *insert link to what can be deemed appropriate and inappropriate*

Lurking for sexual purposes: Classified as asking for someone's nudes, sexual favors, etc.

Sharing Information without Consent: Can be classified as giving out someone's phone number, social media account, personal information or pictures.

Multiple- Accounting: Classified as having more than one account on the chat to spam, harass, dodge a ban, advertise, or troll.

Filter evasion: Classified as deliberately avoiding the filter through any means to post a censored word.

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