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Rules and Guidelines for RotE DA

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Rules and Guidelines for RotE DA Empty Rules and Guidelines for RotE DA

Post by Ayu~ on Tue Jul 07, 2015 6:42 am

[ General Rules and Guidelines ]

Rose of the Eclipse Duel Academy is a very prestigious academy with great contributing members. We hope that each and every one of you will be able to stay as active as you can.  You are what makes us interesting.  You are what makes us us.

1.  Don't spam.
-  Do not reply with only 1 or 2 words.  (i.e.  "lmao", "lol", "wth", etc.)  These will all be considered spamming.
-  No necro-posting, meaning do not revive topics that have been inactive for a week or more.
-  Do not insult others.  This is pretty self-explanatory.
-  Do not double-post unless you are trying to bump your own topic.
-  No adult content.  We nerds don't get kinky here.
-  Bad language or "cuss words" are not allowed.  We want a healthy environment.
2.  Respect ALL other users.
3.  Advertising via Posts and PM is forbidden.
4.  Do not backseat mod. If you see something wrong, report it to a staff member.
5.  Signature rules:
-  Two signatures are allowed.
-  It must be appropriate. No nudity or swearing.
6.  No talking about religion/politics. We all have our different views, keep them to yourself.
7.  No double accounts; first offense will be a Warning. Multiple reports will result in a ban.
8.  Do not impersonate staff.
9.  Do not make unnecessary posts that deliberately are set to humiliate one particular person/group or posts that can deliberately start an major argument.


1st Warning: Verbal warning with no penalty.
2nd Warning: You will lose all your Points.
3rd Warning: You will lose all your Points with a week ban.
4th Warning: You will lose all your Points with a month ban.
5th Warning: You will be IP banned.

ChatBox Rules

Chat offenses include but are not limited to:
Spam(Minor): Can be classified as an excessive use of caps, continuously posting links that do not pertain to the subject at hand, random nonsense, or sending a message that is difficult to read.

Spam (Moderate): Can be classified as frequently sending messages in all caps, posting the same link repeatedly, constantly using abstract or difficult to read fonts to send a message, frequently sending one letter/word messages.

Spam(Major): Can be classified as flooding the chat with a message, link or an obscenely large paragraph; continuously posting a negative message in chat wi+thout reason.

Harassment (Minor):  Can be classified as intentionally putting down/insulting a member  with docile language;  using foul language towards one or more members; messaging a member who doesn't want to talk with you; making users uncomfortable.

Harassment (Moderate): Can be classified as using racial, sexual, or gender slurs. Constant profanity towards another member(s);  threatening another member.

Harassment (Major): Can be classified as abuse towards one or more members; more severe threats, or several slurs.

Non-compliance: Disobeying/disregarding an order from a Staff Member.

Inappropriate material: Can be classified as anything that can be taken offensively, or discriminates someone.  *insert link to what can be deemed appropriate and inappropriate*

Lurking for sexual purposes: Classified as asking for someone's nudes, sexual favors, etc.

Sharing Information without Consent: Can be classified as giving out someone's phone number, social media account, personal information or pictures.

Multiple- Accounting: Classified as having more than one account on the chat to spam, harass, dodge a ban, advertise, or troll.

Filter evasion: Classified as deliberately avoiding the filter through any means to post a censored word.

Chatbox Warnings and Penalties

Strike 1: Verbal Warning
Strike 2: Kick
Strike 3: 1 Day Ban from Chat
Strike 4: 1 Month Ban from Chat
Strike 5: 1 Year Ban from Chat
Strike 6: Permanent Ban From Chat


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